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intelligent data analysis and professional operation management

Rich and reliable solutions.Obtain data from Amazon API and control your selling.

Control it on your Mobile Device

Control it on your Mobile Device.Manage multiple shops with one account. Avoid frequent site switching, and the multi-site trend is straightforward.

The reliable calculation of profit

Provide reference for the development pricing of new products, simplify calculations, avoid unreasonable pricing resulting in losses, and maximize profits. By analyzing the parameters of the goods, you can control costs and increase profits. Finely show the cost of selling different products: purchase costs, shipping costs, Amazon commissions, FBA fees, and VAT taxes.

Product management& Inventory details

Manage the information of products, customers and warehouses, and provide support for the invoicing of products.
Provide inventory management and assembly functions for goods. Timely adjustment of product inventory to effectively prevent product out of stock.
Inventory check to ensure that the goods are in good condition, the accounts are consistent, efficient and fast.

Intelligent planning procurement, FBA shipments

The system automatically configures the quantity of shipments and replenishment. Manually adjusted according to actual situation.

Product Analysis: Dynamic Data Monitoring

Provides comprehensive product sales data (average daily sales, 7-day/30-day sales, visits, conversion rate), as well as advertising data and cost profit data.
Through commodity analysis, summary statistics and analysis, let sellers view the effectiveness of advertising, so as to provide an effective reference for selecting keywords, bids, and quickly make advertising decisions.

Ad Optimization

Get the advertising data delivered in Amazon, intelligently analyze the performance of the ads,and generate keyword optimization suggestions to continuously optimize the ROI of the ads.
Track the daily rankings and ranking changes of store products under various categories, and continuously optimize and enhance the ranking ranking to gain sales growth.

Anti-monitor the Listing Hijacking

Real-time monitoring of Amazon's listing hijacking situation, dynamic acquisition of the time of hijacking, the time of the other party's removal, the number of hijacked products and hijackers, to avoid affecting traffic, orders and sales.

Sales trend

Gain insight into all sales data, accurately capture the sales of each SKU/site, and monitor the sales trends.

Sales analysis

Deeply integrate the data provided by Amazon's official API interface. Deducting the cost of Amazon commissions, FBA service fees and advertising, real-time calculation of store profitability. Accurately analyze the gross profit, gross profit margin and cost composition of a single item to help you become a best seller.

Financial account

Automatically generate bills based on merchandise purchases and returns, and easily handle bill checking and financial analysis. We ensure that data is permanently stored through strict security management measures, and all data supports one-click export to local backup.

User rights management

Refine the permissions of each page/feature of each feature. Prevent data leakage, avoid misuse of personnel, and cause system data confusion. Create a plurality of sub-accounts under a master account to work collaboratively on the team, according to the job division.

Multi-shop advertising management

The original advertising management interface helps you to quickly and deeply explore Amazon's advertising data and quickly increase advertising revenue. It integrates Amazon's latest advertising features and fully supports multiple sites and multiple shops to manage at the same time. Present more advertising metrics and ad reporting data, and improve your advertising strategy.